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Dr. Gregory F. George

Credentials: Professional

Gregory F. George, D.D.S., is a successful pediatric dentist with over 20 years experience. He owns a private practice with over 7,000 families. He has been a dental school instructor for over 10 years. Dr. George has been hired to lecture worldwide to a variety of professional and corporate audiences.

Dr George was selected by his peers to become a fellow of the American College of Dentists, which is an honor bestowed upon the top 2% of dentists nationally. Dr. George is affiliated with the American Society of Pediatric Dentists, the American Dental Association, the New York State Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatricians, American College of Dentists, American Public Health Association, International Dentaire Federation, and the Hispanic Dental Association.

Other Experiences: Video and Television

Dr. George founded PDC Press Inc., a publishing and video production company with a mission to create educational, health-related books, videos and products. The PDC Press, Inc., tag line, "Educate Children Today for a Healthier Tomorrow." (

Dr. George wrote the book, "Look Mom…No Cavities! How to Raise a Cavity Free Child" and produced and starred in the complementary 30-minute "Look Mom…No Cavities!" DVD based on his strong belief to educate parents and children about the importance of oral health care.

The "Look Mom..No Cavities!" DVD was nominated for a Time-Life Health award, and received an award at the Festival International du Film Dentaire - Paris 2000. These educational materials have been designed to educate parents, children 4 through 18 years of age and educators.

The Cavity Busters Total Oral Health Care kit was introduced May 2001 at the American Academy of Pediatrics meeting in Atlanta and has been sold to over 20,000 dentists nationwide. The Cavity Busters kit includes the "Look Mom…No Cavities!" book and DVD.

September 2002, PDC Press, Inc. introduced two new orthodontic oral health care kits, Cavity Busters Complete Orthodontic Care kits. Both Orthodontic Kits contain an orthodontic-specific 15-minute DVD, "Journey to a Great Smile", starring Dr. George and "Passport to Oral Health" an instructional booklet, written by Dr. George. Both Orthodontic kits contain a full complement of general and orthodontic-related oral care products.

Dr. George received a grant to educate inner city youth about the importance of good oral health care, by City Hall. Dr. George created and starred in a culturally sensitive DVD appropriate for the target audience. "Dion Goes to the Dentist" is a child friendly 13-minute video about a child's visit to the dentist.

Other Information

  • Dr. George wrote, produced and starred in "Look Mom…No Cavities!" DVD
  • Dr. George wrote, produced and starred in "Dion Goes to the Dentist" DVD
  • Dr. George wrote, produced and starred in "Head Start to a Healthy Smile" DVD
  • Dr. George wrote produced and starred in "Journey to a Great Smile" DVD
  • Dr. George was selected to do a voice over for a children's video, "The Ginger Kids Cooking Cottage" (
  • Dr. George was selected by Procter & Gamble to write and produce and star in a live video, "Head Start for a Healthy Smile", for the National Head Start Program. This video is shown nationwide to over 3 million head start teachers, assistants, and parents and children.
  • The Discovery Channel highlighted Dr. George for a ½ hour health special, which was filmed in his dental office.
  • Dr. George has appeared on ABC, NBC and CBS news affiliates in over a dozen cities nationwide (both for newscasts and morning shows).
  • Dr. George was selected by Fisher Price as their website pediatric dental expert.
  • Johnson & Johnson selected Dr. George to create and write a children's educational booklet. 2.5 million booklets were printed and sent to dental offices nationwide.
  • The office of the Special Olympics contacted PDC Press, Inc. to co-sponsor a national cause-related marketing program, and to help facilitate an educational program targeted to dental professionals.
  • PDC Press, Inc. was asked to launch the Cavity Busters Lunch Brush Club, a national school-based dental health awareness campaign, in association with the National School Nurses Association and the American Dental Hygienists Association.
  • PDC Press, Inc. created a dental health curriculum guide, "A Dental Health Education Adventure Kit", which allows someone who has not received special dental health education to teach children about oral health. This guide is currently being used as the dental curriculum in over 23 states. The curriculum includes; the "Look Mom…No Cavities!" book and DVD, as well as the "Dion Goes to the Dentist" DVD, both starring Dr. George.