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Cavity Busters
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Cavity Busters Kit® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the Cavity Busters Kit?

The Cavity Busters Kit is a one-of a kind, easy to use, kid-friendly motivational multi-media program designed to keep kids cavity free. The total oral health care kit provides parents, health professionals and educators with a time-efficient way to motivate kids to practice safe and effective oral health.

Q: What is included in the Cavity Busters Kit?

"Look Mom...No Cavities!" book
"Look Mom...No Cavities!" video
(2) Wild Flossers™ - Johnson &Johnson
Johnson & Johnson REACH® WILD STRING® Dental Floss Pack
REACH® Toothbrush and Johnson & Johnson Coupon
Bottle of ACT® Fluoride Rinse
Tube of Kid's Crest® Cavity Protection Sparkle Fun Toothpaste
Three-Minute Timer
Re-Order Booklet

Q: What is the benefit of using the Cavity Busters Kit?

The Cavity Busters Kit benefits parents, dentists, educators and, of course, children. The kit encourages parents to help their children establish good hygiene habits, but in a fun way, that will motivate children to practice effective oral health. The Cavity Busters Kit allows dentists to provide a safe, effective product for their patients, teaching both parents and children the fundamentals of oral health.

Q: What is the ABC Method?

The Cavity Busters ABC Method - Approach for Better Cavity Prevention - is the key to understanding tooth decay and how cavities result. If we look at A= Tooth, B= Bacteria and C= Carbohydrates, a cavity is formed when certain bacteria are present on the tooth and there are carbohydrates available for the bacteria to consume. As the bacteria consume the carbohydrates, an acid is produced that dissolves the outside coating of the tooth, and the result is a cavity. Working to control all three is the key to prevent decay in children’s teeth. "Jab, jiggle and roll" is another theme to good brushing. Gently jab the bristles down toward the gum line, then jiggle them. Roll the toothbrush in the same direction as the teeth are growing.

Q: Are brushing and flossing enough?

Brushing and flossing are key aspects of oral and total health, however, children need the right motivation and direction, which the Cavity Busters Kit provides through Dr. George’s effective and innovative book and video. The book and video provide a checklist of useful and proven techniques and recommended foods and products, allowing for parents to help their children, while keeping kids interested. The products complement the content of the book and video. There is also more to the story and how to best benefit from your relationship with a dentist and hygienist.

Q: Does nutrition and eating certain foods really make a difference in oral health?

Yes. Simple sugars, such as sucrose, refined sugars and corn syrup are potentially dangerous because they are a major source of food for bacteria. Sticky foods such as gummy candies or processed fruit snacks are more problematic because they can get stuck in areas where they cannot be easily removed with a toothbrush. Try to have children avoid dried fruits, potato chips, sweetened cereals and crumbly foods that can get stuck in grooves and are more likely to cause cavities. Some good choices for healthy teeth include raw fruits, raw vegetables, and pretzels which are quick clearing foods. Foods that are believed to help inhibit decay through an anti-bacterial effect include milk, cheese and oats.

Q: Who created the Cavity Busters Kit?

PDC Press, Inc. is a Buffalo-based video production and publishing company owned by Dr. Gregory George. PDC created the Cavity Busters Kit which includes the "Look Mom No Cavities!" video and the "Look Mom No Cavities! How to Raise a Cavity Free Child" book. PDC’s focus is to create educational and other child health-related books and videos. Dr. George is a well-known pediatric dentist, who is based in Buffalo, NY. Dr. George is also the leading dental expert on the Fischer Price Web site. He has taken practical and proven examples from his practice and his experience with his own children, and has applied them to the Cavity Busters Kit.

Q: Who are PDC’s partners?

Johnson &Johnson, Crest, Kodak and Pfizer have all provided their products for inclusion in this innovative and unique approach to oral health for children. Each is committed to the Cavity Busters Kit and its goals.