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Health Tips from Dr. George

Whoa! Not so fastÖ.
Dr. George:

We just brought home our first child and we know itís too early to start being anxious about visiting our dentist, but when would be a good time to schedule an appointment with him?

Cecilia & Brian

Dear Proud New Parents:

I always think first time parents are so brave, what a huge responsibility and awesome experience. My congratulations and best wishes for a healthy child!

Youíll have plenty of challenges and concerns before you need to worry about scheduling a dental appointment, but itís good to see that you already realize the importance of your childís oral health.

When you notice your babyís first tooth you can bring the baby to your dentist for an initial "look see." Thatís also a good time to start the battle against bacteria and tooth decay. Get in the habit of wiping your childís teeth and gums with a clean, damp cloth at least three times a day, after every feeding or snack, and always before bedtime.

Also donít put babies and toddlers to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. If you must use a bedtime bottle, fill it with water.

Many people think baby teeth arenít very important. They are wrong. Remember that healthy baby teeth will help the child develop a healthy set of permanent teeth to enjoy for a lifetime.

Dr. George

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