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Brush Out the Old Brush...
Dr. George:

My 3 year old has become very attached to his toothbrush! Itís shaped like a dinosaur and he just loves it. The problem is that itís getting kind of worn and he doesnít want a new one. How long should I let him use it?

Migi O.

Dear Migi:

First off congratulations on finding a toothbrush your child likes! Itís a great idea to have your kids choose their own toothbrush and get them involved in their own dental care early.

The general rule of thumb is that if bristles are splaying, spreading out, or feeling soft, itís time for a new brush. I find that most toothbrushes should be replaced after about three to six months. And always replace a toothbrush after your child has had an infection or strep throat.

To help your child give up his worn-out brush have him choose a new toothbrush he likes. There are many really fun childrenís brushes available now so he should have no problem finding a new favorite brush! As a father of young kids, Iíve learned that if we can make the task fun, we win most of the battles before they begin.

Dr. George

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