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Parents: Chew On This!

Okay, time for a pop quiz: If a mother chews gum, will her child have more or less tooth decay than a child whose mom doesn’t chew gum?

Believe it or not, the child whose mother chews gum might have less tooth decay!

A recent study by Finnish researchers showed that 5-year-olds of mothers who chewed certain gums had 70% less tooth decay than kids whose mothers did not chew the gum. How is this possible?

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PDC Press Inc. Announces a Breakthrough in Cavity Prevention

"Cavity Busters Kit" Allows Dentists to Help Keep Kids Cavity Free

Buffalo, NY, May 24, 2001 - - According to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Executive Summary on Oral Health released in May 2000, tooth decay is the single most common chronic disease in children. The report also stresses the importance of oral health as a key part of total health.

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Gum disease and tooth cavities are two of the most widespread diseases on earth. They effect between 50% and 99% of every community worldwide.

World Health Organization

A recent study found that almost 60% of American children younger than 18 did not have an annual visit to the dentist.

Ambulatory Pediatrics